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Leaking storage tanks

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Part of the 2012 legislative reforms to the program included the formation of an underground storage tank system cleanup advisory board, which was created to make recommendations to the DEQ and the state legislature on the development of a cleanup program, funded from the Refined Petroleum Fund, to assist owners and operators in financing corrective action required under Part 213 of the state's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA), as it relates to leaking underground storage tanks. The purpose of Part 213 is to provide a process to remedy sites posing a threat to public health, safety or welfare, or the environment as a result of releases from underground storage tanks.

The advisory board, according to its latest report, published in 2013, recommended that all of the annual funding to the Refined Petroleum Fund be restored to the state's underground storage tank programs in order to: (1) provide financial responsibility for owners and operators to address future releases; (2) fund a reimbursement program to provide assistance to qualified owners and operators undertaking corrective action to address known historical releases; and (3) conduct corrective action to mitigate imminent and substantial threats to public health or the environment at leaking underground storage tank sites where no liable or viable owner or operator is identified or able to undertake corrective actions, which are known as "orphan sites."

The 2012 changes to Part 213 of the state's environmental protection act require DEQ to adopt "risk-based corrective action" processes developed by the American Society of Testing and Materials as the basis for addressing contaminated properties. The new change is intended to make cleanup of properties more feasible than the former, stricter regulations.

"That allows more options on what a party needs to do to have closure on a site," Eagles said. "They have to have a conceptual site model, which is basically a picture of where the contamination is, where it is moving and the risk it might present."

The legislative changes also modify time frames for reports required to be submitted by owners or operators responsible for leaking underground storage tank releases. If the required reports, which are to document corrective actions taken at a leaking underground storage tank sites, are not audited by the DEQ within specified timeframes, they are considered approved by operation of law. Overall, the amendments intend to provide more cost effective and efficient closures of LUST releases while maintaining acceptable protectiveness of human health.

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Birmingham/Bloomfield LUST sites

The following is a list of active LUST sites in the Birmingham and Bloomfield area, including the site name, address, type of release (if known) and date of release.

Shell Station

34977 Woodward Ave, Birmingham, (used oil) 12/8/2008

Amoco Station

14 Mile, 880 W. 14 Mile, Birmingham, unknown

Woodlinc/Mich Ltd Partnership

1050 S. Old Woodward, Birmingham, (gas) 12/20/1996

Tiffany Florist

772-784 S. Old Woodward, Birmingham, (gas) 7/21/2008

Birmingham Public Schools

550 W. Merrill, Birmingham, 8/8/1990

Quarton Elementary

771 Chesterfield Ave, Birmingham, 6/29/1990

Derby Middle School

1100 Derby, Birmingham, 9/9/1988

Parking Lot (Dietz Corp)

985 E Maple Road, Birmingham, 10/14/1997

Former Gasoline Station

33801 Woodward, Birmingham, unknown

Jax Kar Wash #048

34745 Woodward, Birmingham, 10/27/2000

Douglas Cleaners

1794 W Maple Road, Birmingham, 1/17/1992


101 E 14 Mile Road, Birmingham, (gas) 6/13/05 (used oil) 11/10/2005

Amoco #579

35975 Woodward, Birmingham, (gas) 1/13/1989

Amoco Station #5696

2483 W Maple, Bloomfield Township, 5/26/1992

Budget Rent A Car

1000 E Maple, Birmingham, 6/1/1990

Budget Rent-a-car

1000 E Maple, Birmingham, 5/11,1990

Mobil SS #03-K9Q

1065 W Maple, Birmingham, (gas) 6/15/2004

Quarton Woodward Service

1599 S. Woodward, Birmingham, (gas) 5/19/1997

Northpointe Office Bldg.

2525 Telegraph, Bloomfield Township, 10/1/1987


3690 Maple Bloomfield Township, 6/12/1989; 7/12/1995/; 3/1/2000; 5/10/2000

Sunoco #0008-4079

42994 Woodward, Bloomfield Township, 8/16/1988

Academy Of The Sacred Heart

1250 Kensington, Bloomfield Township, 6/26/1995

Bloomfield Hills Country Club

350 W. Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, 1/1/1985

Former Sunoco Station

2385 S. Telegraph, Bloomfield Township, 10/1/1987

Amoco SS #14209

2481 Telegraph, Bloomfield Township, (gas) 5/12/2004

Amoco Station #5643

6495 Telegraph, Bloomfield Township, 1/6/1992

Amoco Station #5643

6495 Telegraph Bloomfield Township, 3/20/2002

Amoco #5451

4009 S. Telegraph, Bloomfield Township, 8/3/1989

Cranbrook Educational Community

1000 Vaughan, Bloomfield Hills, 8/24/1990

Shell Station

39580 N Woodward, Bloomfield Hills, 12/19/1994; 8/29/1994; 12/2/2003

Elliot Cohen Property

1185 Eton Cross Road, Bloomfield Hills, 3/2/1995

Woodward Ave & Square Lake Road

2510 N. Woodward, Bloomfield Township, 4/12/2000

Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality


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