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Wolverine Boot Camp

By Lisa Brody
News Editor
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Undersheriff Mike McCabe confirmed that. "Anyone who says the sheriff supports the Wolverine project is a liar," McCabe told Downtown.

"I told Kinney at this lunch that I'm not looking for a convicted felon to have free access to our community, to come and go to a trade school," Savoie said. "They kept defending the concept, rather than the location. Kinney said, 'We want a location that doesn't feel like a prison, but like they're part of society.' As far as I'm concerned, I don't know that they've earned the right to come and go in our society. As part of it, they would enroll these felons in local schools and trade school, and receive tuition reimbursement. So they'd be out in the community rather than having educators brought into the boot camp. It should be done within their confinement rather than walking the streets of Oakland County.

"I've got real reservations about locations near our community. I like the concept – any way you can give someone a way to have a trade and let them make money is good. But giving them free reign in our community is not good. How do you make our residents and our law enforcement feel safe?

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson is also against having a private short-term felon boot camp within the county, as is Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper – who was unaware of its possibility until contacted for this article.

"I have not heard hide nor hair about this. I've never talked to him," Cooper exclaimed. "It's essentially a privatized boot camp. It's a scam. Legally, he can't do it with juveniles. Further, it incenses me that someone is going around using my name and my colleagues' names without our permission. It's just plain fraud. If you want to use my name, or the sheriff's, or Brooks (Patterson), you better get our permission first."

Oakland County Circuit Court Chief Judge Nanci Grant said she had never heard of the Wolverine Campus Project.

Kinney's spokesperson, Mouradian, said, "Nothing has been finalized in Oakland County, but he has been looking."

As of May 21, the Centerpoint location is a dead deal. Nelson said he received a letter from Kinney stating that he was pulling the Wolverine project from 2000 Centerpoint Parkway. The letter continued, "We are no longer pursuing any site in the city of Pontiac."

Savoie thought that the Wolverine Campus Project had turned to the Centerpoint Parkway site after being turned down on a Southfield site by Southfield officials, but Mouradian could not confirm this and Southfield officials could not be reached.

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