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Muslim leaders speak out

By Lisa Brody
News Editor
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The way that I see it, if all these leaders, ISIS, if they truly believed you were going to be getting 72 virgins by blowing yourself up, they'd be doing it. Why aren't they?

How as a cleric or a leader do you explain the radicalization of a faction in the name of Islam? Is that part of the Quran? Does ISIS represent Islam, or have they hijacked your religion?

I always tell people there is no Islamic institution or great scholar that has approved ISIS and its doings and its actions. That's number one. Number two, to show you how bad ISIS is, Al Quaeda itself has denounced ISIS – like, it can't get any worse, if Quaeda denounces you for your actions. They are fighting ISIS because of the corruption they are causing in certain countries. Number three, I don't think there are any victims on the face of this planet that are more victimized by ISIS than Muslims. The last United Nations number are that Muslims are eight to nine times more victimized by ISIS than anyone else in this world. The Syrians, the Iraqis, the Iranians, in Turkey. The list goes on. Boko Haram, part of ISIS – they're attacking Muslims.

What saddens me is that people no longer look at human soul as human soul. I think to address this issue we have to look at it from all of its angles, and allow the Muslim community to take part in addressing this challenge, because without the Muslim community ISIS will not be solved.

I remember when Clinton, I don't remember if it was Bill or Hillary, said that one of four people walking this earth are Muslim, so you do find peaceful people, people who open their own businesses, people who go about their own lives. American Muslims hold 10 percent of American doctors. These people are serving their communities – just the free clinics that we have. The volunteerism.

These are challenging times we have to go through with sincerity.

OSMAN: I won't give them the satisfaction of saying they've hijacked my religion. I am a Muslim. Islam is a religion of peace. If they are not following what Islam is teaching, by not being peaceful individuals, by not loving their fellow man, by not adhering to what prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, that the Christians should never be harmed and touched – then they are not following what true Islam is. And I'm not going to give them the time of day to say they have anything to do with Islam.

I will definitely speak out against them. Condemn them to the fullest extent, and do my best to teach the general public what true Islam is, and teach our youth what true Islam is. But I am not going to acknowledge them by giving them even a smidgeon of what they are doing has anything to do with Islam.

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