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Fugitive apprehension teams

By Katie Deska
News staff
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When a case that originates in Oakland County is referred to DFAT, "the Oakland County officer (on DFAT) gets assigned that case, and makes requests to U.S. marshals offices around the county," said deputy Matt Batcheller, of the U.S. Marshals Ann Arbor office.

Key to the unit's success is the database of information that each department provides.

"We work with other major cities who have fugitive task forces. We can reach out to task forces across the country, and say, 'Hey, can you go to that house,' and they already have someone. We call it a collateral lead," said Batcheller, referring to the report that is sent to fugitive apprehension teams around the nation.

Knowing that officers were on to him and had already obtained a glove worn in the assaultive Rochester Hills home invasion, suspect Jamerson had good reason to flee the nearly 2,000 miles he traveled to reach Arizona. He was apprehended in May, and upon his extradition to Michigan, Jamerson was interviewed by Rochester Hills detectives, and ultimately confessed to the crime.

"Once he is brought back into custody, and brought back to the state of Michigan and to our jail by our fugitive apprehension team, then our detectives do the arraignment before the judge, and bring witnesses forward for testimony at the preliminary exam. They're still the officer in charge of the case they just stepped away from it during the time the fugitive team (is working the case)," said Quisenberry, of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. "The fact that we can hand it off to someone to go make the arrest is a thing of beauty; to hand it off to someone you know will take it up and work it until the end."

A violent serial offender released on parole, Kevin Jermaine Wiley quickly became the subject of a three-week manhunt after family members of his girlfriend, Marie Colburn, found her lifeless 30-year-old body shoved in the closet of her Pontiac apartment.

Located by U.S. Marshals in Elizabethtown, Kentucky this May, Wiley faces charges of first-degree murder in her suffocation death. Colburn was a Baker College graduate and member of the 2004 class of Lakeland High School, in White Lake.

After discovering on April 19th that Wiley had cut his tether, his parole officer put a notice in the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) for Wiley's violation of his early release. The same day, Colburn was killed, and discovered three days later by her family. Detectives began aggressively looking for Wiley, and soon contacted the county's fugitive apprehension team for additional support.

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