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Fugitive apprehension teams

By Katie Deska
News staff
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Schettenhelm, who's been with Rochester for eight years, echoed the sentiment of other local police departments in saying, "We try to look at the gravity of the crime, and location, and see what team has the best set of resources that meets that need. It's always great to have resources available. That's their area of expertise, and once detectives reach a dead end or could use that assistance, it's great to pick up the phone."

The consensus among officers on a manhunt is that they're limited only by their imagination. They've experienced hours and hours of searching between walls, in attics, and even refrigerators gunning down fugitives from their hiding spots.

"The guys we're going after are violent. A lot have a huge criminal history," said the U.S. Marshals' Garcia. And a lot of those on the run are looking at the prospect of being locked up for a long time.

"They flee, they hide in places you'd never imagine. We make sure we're well-equipped. We always make sure we have an overwhelming number of law enforcement officers. When we know where you're at, we're coming with overwhelming power."

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