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"The detective said since I couldn't prove the video wasn't consensual, they couldn't prosecute it," she said. She said the detective said her best bet was to call the ex-boyfriend and let him know he would be in serious trouble if the video got out.

"He sent the detective a video of himself deleting the video from his computer it's in evidence," Samantha said.

But then she discovered that rather than deleting the video, he had sent the sex tape of her out to friends via Facebook Messenger.

Still feeling a lack of responsiveness from law enforcement, she finally contacted Kyle Bristow, the attorney who helped Lindsay, who served her ex-boyfriend with papers on January 14, 2017.

"He immediately texted me, 'I'd like to talk.' I told him any communication has to go through my attorney. He's manipulative and I can't trust him," Samantha said.

Samantha and Bristow are seeking a minimum of $25,000 in damages and an injunctive relief, where the ex-boyfriend will have to destroy the video, all copies, and never distribute any images of it again, or go to jail.

"I want a clear message sent to him, his friends, anyone, I'm not messing around," Samantha said. While monetary damages would be helpful "It's embarrassing to ask family members for money to pay for an attorney for a sex tape" what she most wants is for the sex tape, and any and all copies and images to be completely gone.

"I want it to be over. I'm a recent college graduate; I have student loans, and I don't want this to affect my career. I've had mental health issues from this, panic attacks it all adds up," Samantha disclosed. "He was my first serious relationship."

Clearly, the optimum way to combat revenge porn is to never take a nude photograph, or have one taken. But that is not reality for many people. D'Amico said a more effective outcome begins with education, to continue to teach kids how quickly information can be spread.

"You can't tell them not to take these photos. The ones at fault aren't the ones who created the photographs, but the ones who share them or distribute them without permission," she emphasized. "You have to stop blaming the victim, and focus on who the bad actors are."

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