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The Daniel Ellsberg interview

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Obama came in and holds nine or 10 cases, depending on how you count. Three times as many. Will Trump do that? There's no doubt. He will surpass that. That will be a great threat to reporting on national security, which will decrease our security significantly. That's what lies ahead. But, there will be some people who will tell the truth, like Snowden and Chelsea. Unfortunately, all too few, but better than nothing. If my book can encourage people in the field of nuclear planning which is life with insanity to come out about that, that is my highest hope. Among my highest hopes, that the example that this can make a difference might encourage someone to say, 'nobody else is going to do it, so I'll have to do it.' Then go to prison for it, and they may save countless lives.

The symbol of Cranbrook is meaningful to you.

They give out a medal to the valedictorian, which I got. It's a little medal for achievement. The symbol at Cranbrook is an archer who is aiming at the sky. The story of the Greek myth or something is of an archer who the people before him have aimed at the target and hit it right in the middle, so he aims straight up and its high. The motto of Cranbrook is "Aim High." And that stayed with me. Cranbrook had a good influence on me.

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