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The Daniel Ellsberg interview

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That would have happened, I show in my book, as early as 1950 or '52, when we had a thousand fission warheads trained on cities in the Soviet Union. We wouldn't have gotten off scott free. Like everyone else, we would have starved in about a year. You'd be dead.

The Cuban Missile Crisis, as I go into in the book, had that gone into large scale, US-led surprise attack, in the course of fighting with Russians it would have most certainly escalated, we would have died from it. Although, we didn't know that at that point. I was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis at a high staff level as a consultant. The idea of preempting on either side, Russia or the US, has been a hoax all this time.

When I look now at the possibility of war arising between Russia and Americans in the Ukraine, as has never happened. Or in a more limited way in Syria, that just leads to a cold war that will eventually end up in a hot war. If fighting starts in the Ukraine and we end up shooting at Russians and they at us, that's never happened, ever, ever. I mean except, you know, the troops we sent over in 1918 and 1917 against the Russian Revolution for a few months. But other than that, there's been no fighting between Russians and us. We both have this doomsday machine, as I call it using (Herman) Kahn's term, my colleague at Rand. But a system that destroys most all life on earth. Actually it won't destroy the bacteria, the microbes. That's not a joke. They will survive, mostly. But the larger animals will not, even if some humans do. So it's fairly called, I think, a "doomsday machine." It's doom of the 7 billion humans.

A war between the US and Russia right now would mean starvation within a year or so, with our stocks of food. Starvation of about 7 billion of them we have about 7.4 billion. That's the system we are threatening, and building up.

Obama decided to program a trillion dollars worth of new weapons over 30 years in order to get Congress to sign on to his START II Treaty, which in the end has never been ratified. We promised them we would build up these weapons. Hillary promised to do it, and Trump is in the process of doing it. He's in the process of rebuilding at the cost of a trillion dollars a machine, that if it were set in motion planes, missiles and submarine missiles on the basis of, let's say, a mistaken electronic warning.

In 1995, after the Cold War, Yeltsin is told a missile may be coming toward Moscow. He's looking at his briefcase that has the nuclear code, and some of his generals are telling him, 'go, before this thing wipes out Moscow and our command and control.' He hesitates. It seems too long for this thing to hit. They finally decide it's not real. In fact, it was a Norwegian weather rocket. A weather rocket. One. Why would NATO be sending one rocket against them? And some people thought it was an attack. If he would have listened to his generals, what some of his generals had told him to do, we would not be talking. We you and I would have starved to death with our children by 1995 or 1996. That's the system both sides are rebuilding now. Two doomsday machines. It's the most insane and immoral policy in the history and prehistory of our species.

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