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Catalog of state hate groups

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"Private individuals and entities censor things all the time," he said. "For example, a private employer is generally free to fire an employee for saying things on social media that embarrass the employer. A government has less latitude to do so.

"That's why private entities are free to decide they don't want to do business with neo-Fascists and similar organizations. GoDaddy is not a government entity and is free to refuse to continue a domain based on the speech there."

Gallows Tree Wotansvol Alliance, headquartered in Grand Rapids, is identified by SPLC as an active Neo-Nazi group with members in at least nine other states. Calling itself a religious tribe, the group uses the beliefs of Wotansvolk, a Nordic pagan religion founded in the 1990s in-part by white supremacist leader David Lane.

The group's leader, Mike Peterson, has denied in media reports that Neo-Nazi ideology is connected to the group, despite the use of a modified swastika in the group's symbol. Clarifying his remarks, Peterson said on the group's website that he embraced white supremacy during a nine-year prison sentence he served as a means for protection from other violent, racially-based gangs.

"People that have been to prison have a different set of experiences than what you have. We have met true evil and I have made it a life goal of mine to help people succeed back into society with my outreach efforts," he said. "This environment followed me out. It was ingrained in me. I had a few bumps trying to merge back into normal society. I carried with me a lot of racial and territorial type elements with me. They weighed on me as I tried to adapt to my new environment."

The American Nazi Party is a white power, Neo-Nazi group based in Westland. Claiming to be from the same party founded in 1960s that subscribed to the ideals and policies of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party, the party subscribes to the "14 Words" and the core belief in the "struggle for Aryan racial survival" and "social justice for white working class people."

Requests for comment to the group's leader, Rocky Suhayda, weren't returned. A longtime figure in the white supremacy movement known for his extreme rhetoric, Suhayda has said in the past he once represented a Livonia chapter of the KKK. He has also ran unsuccessful attempts for public office in that city's school district and city council.

White Rabbit Radio, is a website dedicated to "exposing white genocide," and operated by Timothy Murdock, of Dearborn Heights, who the SPLC said in 2013 is an "avowed anti-Semite" who lives in his parents' basement, where he says he cares for his terminally ill mother.

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