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Catalog of state hate groups

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"The name changed to the Nationalist Front. We changed that in November last year to make it more inclusive. To make it more nationalist. That's something we came up with to bring the groups together," Schoep said. "In Charlottesville, we weren't organizers there, but we did participate. We brought in Nationalist Front groups for that as well."

Online, NSM maintains a comprehensive website featuring the group's newsletter, downloadable leaflets for printing and distribution and field reports from NSM chapters. In 2007, the group purchased "New Saxon," a white supremacist social networking site. The group also operates its own record label, NSM88 Records, which the SPLC has labeled as its own hate group.

For all the effort, Schoep said, the NSM and other white nationalist groups, as well as he himself, have been targeted by groups trying to censor their message, particularly since the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. He noted the fate of "Stormfront," a leading white supremacist website that was forced off the world wide web by its commercial host. More recently, credit card companies blacklisted NSM and other white nationalists groups, making it impossible for them to conduct credit card transactions through their websites, Schoep said.

"I have been put on something called the 'match list' by MasterCard, meaning I am blacklisted from running any sort of business that accepts credit cards, so my business NSM88 Records can no longer accept credit cards. I do have mainstream businesses that also sells things, but nothing to do with white nationalism, and since my name is on the list, my other business is basically run into the ground," he said. "Ninety-nine percent of all our business is done through credit cards for both companies, and business is what I know, and what I do for a living, so they have now robbed me of my ability to make a living."

Schoep claims he and other white nationalists are the victims of "political persecution," and "racial profiling against white people who take an active political stand that certain people do not like or agree with."

"Like our politics or hate it, this is so evil and wrong on any and every level, and I'm not the only one affected by this, almost all of the other nationalist companies I know of in the USA, including newspaper publishers and book publishers have been hit with this same problem."

While the First Amendment protects even deeply offensive and hateful speech, the law only prohibits censorship by the government, said Professor Len Niehoff, a professor of First Amendment law at the University of Michigan Law School.

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