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Ted Lindsay Celebrity Golf Outing

The 175 golfers who participated in the Ted Lindsay Foundation Celebrity Golf Outing at the Detroit Golf Club were joined by another 115 for cocktails, a silent auction ($14,000) and dinner following play. The program that followed Fr. Donald Worthy’s tribute to the memory of Joanne Lindsay and Dr. Jack Finley was emceed with good humor by Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels. It had highlights. Austin, TX researcher Laura Hewitson, PhD. reported promise of early blood biomarkers for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
This weeks social light photos…


August 2017
Scene from a past Woodward Dream Cruise, which each year runs the length of Woodward from Ferndale to Pontiac, drawing some 40,000 cars and 1.2 million people. The Dream Cruise for this year is scheduled for August 19. Photo: Steve Lagreca | Dreamstime
July 2017
The Woodward Building, owned by Sam and Max Surnow, at the corner of Maple and Old Woodward in Birmingham. The 107-year-old structure was completely redone over an 18-month period. Downtown photo: Laurie Tennent.
June 2017
Birmingham City Hall at 151 Martin Street, built in 1928 and originally housing both the original village and township offices. Downtown photo: Laurie Tennent.
May 2017
The Birmingham Farmers Market, at North Old Woodward near Harmon Street, starts its 15th season Sunday, May 7, and runs each Sunday until October 29. Downtown photo.
April 2017
The Springdale Golf Course, one of two municipal courses in Birmingham, the second being Lincoln Hills. Both courses are expected to open in April. Downtown photo.
March 2017
The Ford-Peabody Mansion at 325 S. Old Woodward, built by Frank Ford in 1878 and listed as a Michigan historical site in November of 1973. Downtown photo.
February 2017
Bloomfield Hills High School on Andover Road in Bloomfield Hills. The new high school resulted from the combination of Andover and Lahser high schools in the district. Photo: Jim Haefner
January 2017
The Cranbrook Institute of Science building, Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo.
December 2016
St. Hugo Stone Chapel, on Opdyke Road in Bloomfield Hills, which served as the parish worship structure from 1936 until 1989, thanks to the original support of Theodore and Alice McManus. The architect for the Norman Gothic style church was Arthur des Rosier. Downtown photo.
November 2016
The live/work lofts in the Birmingham Rail District. Downtown photo
October 2016
The Village Club, now celebrating 60 years in the community, located on East Long Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo.
September 2016
Lake Jonah, named as such because it is shaped like a whale and in reference to the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale, with a Carl Milles sculpture overlooking it, on the grounds of Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo.
August 2016
If it is August, then it must be time for the Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place this year on Saturday, August 20. Over 1 million people will turn out to see some 40,000 classic and specialty vehicles on parade through nine communities along a 16-mile stretch of Woodward Avenue. Downtown photo.
July 2016
The four-acre pond at the E.L. Johnson Nature Center on Franklin Road in Bloomfield Township. The 40-acre nature center site, with walking trails is home to a wide variety of wild life and is part of the Bloomfiled Hills School District. Downtown photo.
June 2016
A scene from the Birmingham Village Fair, presented by the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber each year. This year's event, the 53rd, takes place Thursday, June 2, through Sunday, June 5, in the Shain Park area of downtown Birmingham. The fair is the major fundraiser for the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber, which also shares proceeds with local community ...
May 2016
The Counselor by Christopher Yockey on the outside of the North Old Woodward parking structure in Birmingham, where the Public Arts Board maintains a CityScape program to educate the community on the value of art in public places and enhance the visual nature of the community. Downtown photo.
April 2016
An aerial view of the 18-hole Forest Lake golf course at the Forest Lake Country Club in Bloomfield Township, on the shores of the 40-acre Forest Lake. Aerial photo 2016 Google Earth.
March 2016
The Big Rock Chophouse on Eton Street in Birmingham, which was first opened in 1931 as the Birmingham Grand Trunk and Western Railroad Depot on the Detroit to Pontiac rail line. Closed in 1978, the building was opened as Norman's Eton Street Station restaurant in 1984 by Norm and Bonnie LePage and with partners Ray and Mary Nicholson was renamed in ...
Februaruy 2016
An iconic street scene in downtown Birmingham at the intersection of Merrill Street and S. Old Woodward. Downtown photo.
January 2016
Harry D. Hoey Hall, named after the teacher/headmaster at Cranbrook Schools from 1926-1964. The building sits on the perimeter of what is commonly referred to as “The Quad” at the Upper School. Downtown photo.
December 2015
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church at the intersection of Lone Pine and Telegraph in Bloomfield Township. Downtown photo.
November 2015
Fall season at Kingswood Lake adjacent to Kingswood School on the grounds of the Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo.
October 2015
The Troy Transit Center which straddles the tracks for boarding/dropping off of train passengers on the Birmingham side of the rails. Downtown photo.
September 2015
The Martin Luther King Jr. interconnected domes at the Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills, created in 1969 by Glen Paulsen of Caudill-Rowlett & Scott. Downtown photo.
August 2015
Get ready, the roar of the engines and the spectacle of the Woodward Dream Cruise will be here on Saturday, August 15. Downtown photo.
July 2015
Poetry & Truth, steel sculpture by John Sauvé, in front of Pierce Street Parking Structure in Birmingham. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
June 2015
Shain Park in downtown Birmingham. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
May 2015
The Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham, designed by Birmingham architect Victor Saroki & Associates, opened in 1988 and is considered a four-diamond, four-star luxury hotel. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
April 2015
Public art at Pierce and Merrill streets in Birmingham. Wind Rapids by Michigan artist Russell Thayer. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
March 2015
The Trellis Bridge over the Rouge River at Cranbrook Schools, designed by Dan Hoffman in 1991; constructed in 1993. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
February 2015
Entrance to the 37-acre natural and landscaped grounds of the Manresa Jesuit Retreat House on Quarton Road in Bloomfield Hills, established in the 1800s. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
January 2015
The Charles L. Bower School Farm on Wing Lake Road, purchased by the Bloomfield Hills School District in the mid-1960's to serve as a land laboratory for students. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
December 2014
The Pilgrim Congregation Church on North Adams in Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
November 2014
Journey Home by internationally-recognized sculptor Dennis Oppenheim, outside the Baldwin Library. On loan from the Hill Gallery in Birmingham. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
October 2014
Stonycroft Hills Club in Bloomfield Hills, first developed in 1929 as a public golf course which was made private in 1958. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
September 2014
Seaholm High School on W. Lincoln in Birmingham, part of the Birmingham School District. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
August 2014
The annual Birmingham Bike Festival, host of the 2014 Michigan State Criterium Championship, will be held Sunday, August 24. Photo: Scott Kroske.
July 2014
A replica of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island, outside of Brooklyn Pizza on Henrietta Street in downtown Birmingham. Downtown photo: G.Lynn Barnett.
June 2014
The Bloomfield Hills City Hall on Long Lake Road as reflected in a neighboring building. Downtown photo: G. Lynn Barnett.
May 2014
The Birmingham Farmer's Market on N. Old Woodward, which officially opens Sunday, May 4, from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Downtown photo: Austen Hohendorf
April 2014
The non-profit Community House in Birmingham, first founded in 1923 to help strengthen the community at-large through its program offerings. Downtown photo: Rachel Bechard
March 2014
Birmingham's Baldwin Public Library on Merrill Street, which will be the subject of a public bond vote in May. Downtown photo: Rachel Bechard.
February 2014
Cranbrook Academy of Art and Triton Pools, as seen from Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
January 2014
One of Birmingham's iconic buildings at 1025 E. Maple Road, near the corner of Adams Road. Built in 1957, with extensive renovations in 2000. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
December 2013
Holy Name Catholic Church on Harmon just off N. Old Woodward in Birmingham, dedicated in 1922. Downtown photo/Rachel Bechard.
November 2013
The outdoor riding and paddock area at Bloomfield Open Hunt club, first formed in 1917, on East Long Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
October 2013
Greenwood Cemetery in Birmingham on Oak Street just west of Old Woodward, established in 1825, is considered one of the oldest cemeteries in Michigan. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
September 2013
Choopy, by Mark di Suvero, on S. Old Woodward south of 555 Building, Birmingham. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
August 2013
Vintage automobile outside Kroger, Maple and Woodward. Woodward Dream Cruise will take place Saturday, August 17, 2013. Downtown photo/Rachel Bechard.
July 2013
Tower at play structure at Booth Park, Birmingham. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
June 2013
Jonah and the Whale, by Carl Milles, Cranbrook Educational Community, Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo/Austen Hohendorf.
May 2013
Birmingham Farmers Market, located on N. Old Woodward just north of Booth Park, runs May 5th - October 20th, every Sunday. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
April 2013
Wing Lake in Bloomfield Township. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman
March 2013
Heart of the Tetrahydren by Mark di Suvero, in Martha Baldwin Park, Birmingham.
February 2013
A view of the golf course, Birmingham Country Club, Birmingham. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
January 2013
Quest by Ed Kasprowicz, at Bloomfield Township Public Library, Bloomfield Township. A gift from Friends of the Library in honor of the library's 25th anniversary. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
December 2012
Kirk in the Hills Church on Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Township. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
November 2012
Gilbert Lake, Bloomfield Township. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
October 2012
Franklin Cider Mill, Bloomfield Township. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
September 2012
Cranbrook House Gardens, Bloomfield Hills. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
August 2012
Birmingham Bike Festival will return to downtown Birmingham Sunday August 26, 2012.
July 2012
Upper Long Lake, Bloomfield Township. Downtown photo/Hayley Beitman.
June 2012
The annual Birmingham Village Fair, running this year from May 31-June 3 around Shain Park, sponsored by the Birmingham/Bloomfield Chamber.
May 2012
Upcast by Clement Meadmore. Corner of Maple and Southfield, Birmingham.
April 2012
Kingswood Girls’ Middle School, Bloomfield Hills.
March 2012
View down Willits Street, Birmingham.
February 2012
“For Mother Teresa” by Mark Suvero, at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills.
January 2012
Amtrak train, Birmingham.
December 2011
Architectural feature near Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills.
November 2011
Quarton Lake, Birmingham.
October 2011
View of Kingswood School and Kingswood Lake, Bloomfield Hills.
September 2011
From the rooftops, a shot of the intersection of Maple and Old Woodward.
August 2011
Oriental Gardens, Kingswood School, Bloomfield Hills.
July 2011
Fish sculpture in front of Quarton Lake waterfall.
June 2011
Birmingham water tower near Maple Road and Woodward Avenue.
May 2011
A partial view of downtown Birmingham from atop the Pierce Street parking structure.
April 2011
Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills.
March 2011
Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills.
February 2011
Quarton Lake in Birmingham.
January 2011
Birmingham Historical Museum and Park, Allen House.
December 2010
“Freedom of the Human Spirit” by Marshall Fredericks in Birmingham’s Shain Park.
November 2010
Island Lake in Bloomfield Township, with Kirk in the Hills in the background.
October 2010
West Maple Road at Old Woodward mid-afternoon on a fall day.
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